In 1964 Aldo Carati bought the farm “La Franzona” together with other plots of land in the area of Dozza, Castel Guelfo and Castel Bolognese.
Ever since the purchase, Aldo Carati worked very closely with his nephew Gilberto Lanzoni, who was then involved in fruit trade.
At the end of the 60s, Gilberto, as always supported by Aldo, built a winery, in order to have the possibility to vinificate in situ the grapes immediately after harvesting. As time passed by, wine selling became always more fruitful and the machineries for vinification were implemented and modernized. Moreover, many apricot and peach trees were substituted with new grape varieties. From the very beginning of 2000, La Franzona looks like exactly as today: 19 hectares of hill farm cultivated exclusively with vines.
In 2005 Gilberto died and left La Franzona to his wife Tina and his son Massimiliano; they subcontracted the management of the winery until the beginning of November 2014, when Tina decided to go back to the family-run business and entrusted the farm to her nephew Alessandro.